Today’s reflexion.


It is true that being able to criticise [someone, something or a message] can lead us to a dark place. I know that on many occasion we do not do these critics because of fear of retaliation. This fear keeps us from expressing our authentic self, and I am not making a plank statement here, but rather a challenge for those who are afraid of speaking up.

It is not necessary to be in liked by people, who really don’t care about you, we do have to go out there and fill up spaces with unnecessary things. It seemed like we become accustomed to neglect ourselves and self-judged our potentials. Not many people believe in their own capacity to achieve certain goals. It is true that, It will be some pain involved in doing so, but the reward would give us purpose in the judgemental world. I understand that the pursued of nihilism is easy because being depleted does not take any effort. But on the other hand, you can act out and find ways to compromise yourself in order to have a better life.


These are not  harsh statements, so you go and tyrannised yourself. However, it is interesting to see that when people are willing to see their flaws and criticise themselves in a constructive way, life would ameliorate sharply.


Keep smiling and searching, stopped wishing and take massive action in life.

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